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Beyond Bronze
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Tanning Beds & Lotions

Have that summer tan all year round!

We have been safely and efficiently tanning customers for many years; we have an extensive range of the very best tanning beds from all the leading manufacturers and a very affordable and competitively priced price list.

You can choose from  either walk-in, stand up or lay down double tanning beds, we have one of the West Midlands’ widest range of options to suit any need. We offer the new collagen twist tubes as well as the normal blue.  Our courses are entirely flexible and adaptable around your needs and schedule; you can visit our Sheldon salon as frequently as you want.

Affordable prices

We offer a wide range of affordably priced  tanning bed courses, starting from £4 for 6 minutes. Contact us or visit our Sheldon salon to discuss the full list of prices with one of our friendly team.

Adaptable and flexible Tanning bed courses

We know that in today’s modern age, people are forever busy, with very little time to do anything other than work and sleep; which is why we offer incredibly flexible tanning bed courses. You can visit our tanning salon and top up your tan as frequently as you require and at times to suit you.

Not sure about tanning; feel free to ask our friendly team!

We appreciate that you might be unsure about the do’s and don’ts of tanning, how often it is safe to have it done or the health benefits. Please feel free to pop in to our Sheldon salon or call one of our tanning experts on 0121 693 0693 to discuss any questions you may have.

Everything you need to help top up that tan

We stock a variety of tanning products and lotions from brand name manufacturers you can trust. To help create a darker and longer lasting tan, we provide a range of tanning creams specially formulated to accelerate tans, as well as cleaning solutions and goggles to protect your eyes.

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