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Beyond Bronze
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Bio Sculpture & Manicures

Beautiful hands and nails; the best way to complete any outfit!

Let’s face it, our hands and nails have to put with a lot; cold winds, water and the daily stresses and strains of everyday life take their toll and are the reason why we suffer from scuffed and damaged nails, worn and tired looking nails and dry hands.

At Beyond Bronze, we will get your nails and hands back to looking their very best. Based in our Sheldon salon, our expert beauticians provide a comprehensive Bio Sculpture nail treatment and manicure service; encompassing everything from cuticle work and exfoliation to Bio Sculpture nails, hand painting and polish change services.

Get your nails and hands looking their very best again; book an appointment with our beautician by calling us on 01216 930693 today.

5 * Award Winning "Best nail gel" From Bio-Sculpture

Made by one of the biggest names in the industry, Bio Sculpture Nail Gels are strong and produce a beautiful glossy finish that lasts for up to three weeks. Tried, tested and proven, these award winning nail gels are incredible value for money and keep your nails in top condition.

Available in over 150 different nail colours

Our nourishing and damage-free nail treatments are available in over 150 bio gel nail colours, meaning it is quick and easy to choose the right colour for your nails, and more importantly, for your current mood!

Nail Colours

Comprehensive manicure services

Highly skilled and experienced in hand and nail care, our manicurists provide a wide range of manicure services, including:

  • Overlays
  • Sculptured Extensions
  • Infills
  • Nail Art
  • Bio Overlay
  • Deluxe Manicures

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